Episode 59: An Interview with Kara Gott Warner

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Today’s episode is a double header. I’m interviewing Kara Gott Warner, host of Power Purls Podcast, and she’s interviewing me! Read on for more details and then have a listen to both episodes.

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About Kara Gott Warner

Kara Gott Warner.
Kara Gott Warner.

Kara is the Executive Editor of Creative Knitting magazine. She began her career in the yarn industry as a knitting designer in 2002. Kara’s designs have been published in several magazines, including Creative Knitting, Vogue Knitting, Family Circle Easy Knitting, and Interweave Knits. Kara has also worked as a technical illustrator, working with craft book publishers such as Random House, Lark Books, Sterling Publishing and F+W. Kara joined Annie’s Publishing in 2008 as knitting book editor, and she became the Executive Editor of Creative Knitting and Annie’s knitting publications.

Kara’s also a podcast host! Her first show, the Morning Cooldown is a seasonal program that is currently on hiatus. Knitters and yarn industry folks may prefer her latest show, Power Purls Podcast, where she loves to dig deep and ask those burning questions about what turned her guests on to the “two sticks and fiber,” in the first place, and what keeps their needles moving.

You can find Kara online on her website, as well as on Facebook, G+, and Twitter.

About the interview

Kara shares an editor’s perspective on the magazine design submission process, along with tips for increasing your likelihood of getting a design accepted, and how to build a strong relationship with a magazine as a freelancer.

We also talk about the importance of networking within the industry, developing multiple streams of income, and using morning rituals to increase your productivity.

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Resources mentioned in this episode

Kara recommends the following books:

Take Handknit Garment Design, an online class with Shirley Paden on Craftsy!

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