Episode 64: Work with Red Heart as a Professional Crafter: An Interview with Carrie Leahew

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Carrie Leahew is the Senior Consumer Marketing Manager with Coats Crafts. She works most closely with Red Heart. We chatted at the 2016 Snap! conference about how professional crafters can work with Red Heart. Work with Red Heart as a Professional Crafter An Interview with Carrie Leahew on Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show Podcast

About Red Heart

Coats has been in business for over 250 years and is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer. One in four garments in the world is made with Coats thread!

Coats also manufactures consumer crafts supplies, including sewing thread, zippers, fabric, Susan Bates crochet and knitting accessories, and, of course, Red Heart yarns.

You can learn more about Red Heart by visiting its website. You can also follow Red Heart online on Facebook | G+Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube

About the interview

In this episode, I talk with Carrie about all the ways that Red Heart works with professional crafters. Use the Contact Us page to reach out to Red Heart. Some of the possible collaborations we discussed are:

  • Guest blogging opportunities,
  • Yarn support for free crochet and knitting patterns or yarn crafts tutorials to be hosted on your own blog,
  • Freelance design opportunities,
  • Providing free products for charity projects or for giveaways, and
  • An affiliate program (coming soon).

While Red Heart generally works with established designers and organizes its own call for submissions, they are always open to receiving design proposals or inquiries from new designers and bloggers.

Besides the Contact Us page, designers and bloggers with existing tutorials and patterns can reach out to the social media manager via direct messages to let Red Heart know about your existing work.

You may also find this past episode, How to Source Yarn (Inexpensively) for Your Business, helpful.

Listen to the podcast for more hints from Carrie about working with Red Heart.

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Comments 2

  • I was really excited after listening to this episode, since my blog readers often work with Red Heart yarn, and I was really interested in the possibility of partnering with Red Heart. I went to the Contact Us page linked in this episode and had a little trouble figuring out which of the contacts I should reach out to, but I finally found the page where you could fill out your contact information and offer a message. I specifically mentioned that I wrote a blog about knitting and was also interested in hearing more about possibilities for discounts for charity knitting. I even mentioned that I had heard Carrie Leahew give an interview on this podcast.

    I was very disappointed to receive a response a few days later that flatly stated they were “respectfully declining” my offer to partner with them and that they couldn’t offer any discounts.

    The odd thing was that I didn’t actually offer anything; I just wanted more information.

    Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained, I guess. But I was surprised and disappointed to get the door so firmly shut in my face after hearing Ms. Leahew speak so positively about opportunities for bloggers and for charity knitters. Maybe I didn’t go through the right channels, I don’t know.

    Still love your show and find it very inspiring. Thanks for all you do.

    • Nicole, I agree that “nothing ventured is nothing gained.” As Carrie mentioned in the podcast, Red Heart does work with a limited number of 501c3 charities each year. It sounds as though your organization didn’t meet Red Heart’s charity requirements or that their quota is full for the year. Thanks for your kind words about the podcast.

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