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Episode 43: 10 Tips for Attending (and Getting the Most Out of) Your First Blogging or Social Media Conference

Sharing is caring! This Week’s Episode I’m sharing 10 tips (plus a few bonus ones, too!) for attending and getting the most out of your first blogging or social media conference. As regular listeners know, this year I spoke at the #WeAllGrow Summit by Latina Bloggers Connect and #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us. These were my …

Episode 18: 8 Best Investments I Made In My Business in 2014

In this week’s episode, I share the 8 best investments I made in my business in 2014. While the topic may seem oddly personal, I talk about why each investment added value to my business and what you might take away from the list to support your yarn-related business in 2015.

8 Best Investments I Made in My Business in 2014
1. (Improved) Web hosting
2. A (more reliable and faster) computer
3. Comfort tools
4. Monthly massage therapy
5. A (multi-functional and higher quality) tripod
6. (New) tools and training for business expansion
7. Conference (or face-to-face event) attendance
8. Time for networking with other solopreneurs

You can find show notes for today’s episode at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/18.

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