Bonus Episode: Managing Your Business While Being a Mom with Lane Kennedy

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Managing Your Business While Being a Mom, an interview with Lane Kennedy on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show

This Bonus Episode

I’m sharing an interview with serial entrepreneur Lane Kennedy today as a bonus episode. Although Lane isn’t involved in the yarn industry, she has a lot to share about managing your business while being a mom. Since I’m not a mom, I thought her perspective would be helpful for listeners who are! I also thought this episode would pair nicely with my interview with Amy Ramnarine earlier this week about how she planned out her maternity leave.

About Lane Kennedy

Lane Kennedy interviewed on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show.

Lane is a serial entrepreneur who is also a coach and a podcaster. Her message is all about empowering women and living a straightforward life. (You can find out more about her 19 Day Straightforward Life Adventure Challenge here.)

You can find Lane online on her website, on Facebook (on both the Lane Kennedy Levy page and the Straightforward Life group), and on Twitter. She also hosts the Lane Kennedy Talks Life & the Entrepreneur Experience podcast.

About the Interview

Lane is the daughter of an entrepreneur and has had an interesting series of careers and businesses that have brought her around the world. Later in life, she unexpectedly became pregnant while in the middle of launching a business. In this interview, we talked about the changes she made to her life to manage both her entrepreneurial endeavors and her family life.

Lane took 18 months off after her son was born and then slowly returned to her career. She shared several suggestions for moms who want to making the most out of their working time.

  • Find support. Lane started with 15 hours of child care weekly from someone she trusted as she transitioned back into running a business.
  • Connect with other mompreneurs. Lane organized a local group of mom entrepreneurs for nearly 5 years. The group met monthly with a focus on networking and business development. Although the members were moms, the group focused on entrepreneurial topics rather than family life.
  • Optimize your schedule and prioritize your time. Lane uses a shared calendar to chart out her week and separates family, personal, and business time. She also schedules tasks based on her natural rhythms so she can be more productive.
  • Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Lane recommends taking a vacation alone at least once a year.


Next week, I’ll be sharing an interview with Sedie Maruska from Yarn Obsession.

I was a guest on Marly Bird’s Yarn Thing on March 19, 2015. Marly and I talked about how I got started and the business of crochet and knitting. We also chatted about the debate over offering free patterns and more! You can listen to the episode here.

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