Episode 32: Journey to 100k Monthly Blog Visitors and More with Sedie Maruska

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Journey to 100k monthly blog visitors with Sedruola Maruska on Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show

This Week’s Episode

In this episode, I shared an interview with Sedruola “Sedie” Maruska from Yarn Obsession. Sedie is a crochet designer, blogger, and crochet business consultant. I wanted to talk with her about her public journey to 100,000 monthly unique visitors to her blog. We also chatted about pricing, empowering women business owners, prioritizing different elements of your business, and more.

About Sedruola “Sedie” Maruska

Sedruola "Sedie" Maruska.
Sedruola “Sedie” Maruska.

Sedie started Yarn Obsession as a hobby and eventually started selling her finished crochet items as a maker. Later, she started designing but noticed she was getting a lot of questions from other makers and crochet business owners, so she started offering crochet business advice and coaching services. Sedie continues designing to keep current in the industry so her consulting services are always up-to-date. Because pattern design isn’t her core business, she uses an unusual pricing tactic. Yarn Obsession is Sedie’s full-time business, but she does have a part-time job.

You can find Sedie online at Yarn Obsession, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

About the Interview

I invited Sedie on the show to talk her plan to increase traffic to 100,000 visitors per month to her website. (You can read more about her goal here and you can find her monthly progress reports here.) Sedie was inspired by blogger Neil Patel’s post, Why Transparency Is The New Marketing, to share this journey publicly. It also helps her to stay accountable for moving towards her goal.

We also talked about empowering women to find their voice and confidence so they can be successful in their businesses, dealing with negativity online, distributing your time between different income streams in your business, and pricing. Sedie also shared some tips for getting started with video for your yarn-related business.


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