Episode 49: How to Submit Crochet or Knitting Design Proposals to Magazines

#HowTo submit #crochet and #knitting design proposals to magazines on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show #podcastIn this episode, I answer a common listener question: How do I get my patterns published in a magazine? Even if you aren’t a designer, you may want to listen as the same process is used for submitting tutorial or article ideas.

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But first, I shared why I was on a 6 week (!) podcast hiatus and my new philosophy about show notes. (Spoiler alert: They will be shorter.)

So, how do you submit your crochet or knitting design proposals?

  • First, if you haven’t already, listen to Episode 1: Identify the Right Magazines to Target for Your Article, Tutorial, and Design Submissions for more information about choosing magazines that are a better match with your goals and design aesthetic. There’s also a document with links to many magazines’ submission information.
  • Look for design submission guidelines, mood board, or other documents on the publisher website, and/or scan the Ravelry Designers group for current Calls for Submission.
  • If you have guidelines from the publisher, follow them closely.
  • If you don’t have guidelines from the publisher, email to ask for an editorial calendar or to be added to their designer email list.
  • In the absence of guidelines, share a sketch, swatch, romance text/description of your proposed pattern, along with a short bio and links to your Ravelry design page (or project page, if you’ve never published a pattern before). Fit this onto one page if possible.

You can listen to the episode for more details about preparing your sketch, swatch, and romance text.

Do you have other suggestions for (or questions about) submitting pattern proposals to magazines?

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  • I had never heard of a crocky – I googled it and there are some neat tools available…thanks Marie!

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  • Great podcast! I have never submitted a proposal to a third-party publisher. However, I’m thinking about it.

    I have completed a project, which is a blanket that consists of 46 different hexagons. (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/CherylDeeCrochet/icy-pirouette-snowflake-hexagon-2). My purpose in creating this blanket is to showcase my many different hexagon designs.

    I have self-published three of the hexagon patterns on Ravelry and Etsy and intend to self-publish twenty or so additional hexagon patterns eventually. (http://www.ravelry.com/designers/cheryldeecrochet.) However, instead of self-publishing each pattern, I have considered approaching a third-party publisher for the remaining hexagon patterns.

    Since I have already self-published some of the pieces that go into my sample blanket, would that disqualify my proposal for consideration by a third-party publisher. The final project would not have to include the already-published hexagons. In fact, a blanket (or throw, shawl, scarf, or pillow) could include only one hexagon pattern, repeated multiple times.

    Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work on your website and your podcasts.

    • Thanks for writing and for your kind words about the podcast.

      The answer is… it depends. Some magazines will only want never-before-seen, exclusive designs. In that case, you can probably submit a sampler blanket design not including the hexagons you’ve already published, or a single hexagon project as you’ve described. If you do this, you may want to take down the pictures on your Ravelry project page. (I use a “Top Secret” image when I have a pattern awaiting publishing. You can see examples here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/marieinnyc)

      Other magazines (like Happily Hooked, for example) specialize in previously published content. These generally pay less (or not at all), and you could send in your previously published hexagons.

      You may find that most third party publications are more interested in a project with one or two hexagons than a sampler. This is especially true in print, since sharing 20 or so patterns will require a lot of pages.

      Good luck! Let me know what you decide to do and how it turns out.

  • […] Episode 49: How to Submit Crochet or Knitting Design Proposals to Magazines […]

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