Episode 52: How to Increase Your Blog Traffic for Your Yarn-Related Business

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In this episode, I talk about increasing blog traffic in response to feedback from the listener survey and and email exchange with Lindsay Lewchuk from Knit Eco Chic.

I’m listening to episode 48 & am a bit bummed that she wouldn’t get into particular dollar amounts.  I’ve got content on my site (content I’m proud of), but I have very little traffic…  I know I haven’t done any SEO but am completely lost online with how to do it & what to do.  I want to budget for this, but have no idea.  Do you have any insights of which company I should be looking at and how much I need to budget for it?  Is it really as simple as the yoast plug-in (which makes absolutely no sense to me)?

Lindsay was previously a guest on Episode 12, where I interviewed the organizers of the Indie Design Gift-a-Long (you can see how 2015’s Gift-a-Long is going here on Ravelry) and in Episode 26, where we talked about niche marketing and eco-conscious knitting. (She also shared a great tip in Episode 47: Best Advice for Yarn-Related Businesses.)

How to increase your blog traffic for your yarn-related business on Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show podcast http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/episode52This post contains affiliate links.

Here are my suggestions for increasing your blog’s traffic.

First, focus on strategy and measurement.

  • Clarify your blog’s purpose in relationship to your entire business.
  • Begin tracking your blog’s traffic. (I recommend using Google Analytics. My blog is a self-hosted website with InMotion Hosting and I use the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin.)
  • Analyze what you’ve tracked, and make changes as appropriate.

Some of the tactics I’ve used to increase my blog traffic in the past year include…

  • Establishing an editorial calendar.
  • Posting more frequently and focusing on specific types of posts based on my goals.
  • Adding subscription options, including an RSS feed subscription and a weekly email newsletter (with links to that week’s blog posts) subscription.
  • Guest posting on other sites.
  • Participating in link parties. (See below for a list of link parties.)
  • Linking your blog posts to projects and stash on Ravelry, and sharing those projects and stash in groups.
  • Sharing old/archived posts on social media daily.
  • Changing social media schedule, frequency, and/or platforms based on analysis of blog traffic.
  • Submitting links to referral sites more regularly (especially the growing network of Prime Publishing sites).
  • Joining private blogging groups where you can share information with other bloggers.
  • Attending blogging conferences, reading blogging books, and/or taking online blogging courses to further develop skills.

Listen to the episode for more details.

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What are your thoughts about building blog traffic for your yarn-related business?

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