Episode 53: What To Do When You’re Not Feeling Inspired for Your Creative Business

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What to do when you're not feeling inspired in your creative business on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show podcastAs creative business owners, we thrive on feeling inspired. But what about those days when you just aren’t feeling inspired or creative? I share 5 things that I do when I’m not feeling inspired to keep my business moving forward.

  • Work through it
  • Focus on other crafts
  • Do a “mindless project”
  • Take a break from the creative side of your business
  • Express gratitude to someone else

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

You can listen to the episode for more tips on dealing with a lack of inspiration.

Some announcements:

  • Would you be interested in a Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show book club where we would (virtually) read business or creativity books together over the course of a month or two? I would love to start with The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles (affiliate link) by Steven Pressfield. Let me know your thoughts.
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What are favorite things to do when you’re not feeling inspired?

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Comments 2

  • I love #5! I’ve started my list. I’m going to see if I can do some Zentangle on the cards (#2 and 5 combined 🙂 ). I’ve done all the others at one time or another. I’m relying on #4 at the moment.

    Part of the problem is that another passion is starting to emerge and I want to let unfold to see where it takes me (gotta have more than one thing going). But I don’t want to abandon my crochet blog. In fact, I’m starting to narrow its focus enough so that I can actually identify a fairly well-defined target audience. And fortunately I have a great web designer friend who I can go to with questions about website structure, etc.

    So I’m actually feeling very creative right now. But I need to write a blog post, so looks like I gotta just work through it 😛

    • Thanks for sharing your challenges, Patrice. I think as creative people, we often have new passions emerging. I love the idea of narrowing your focus on your existing blog as a way of dealing with your lack of inspiration!

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