Episode 67: Mailing List and Email Marketing Best Practices with Heather Solos from Feedblitz

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Heather Solos is a director at Feedblitz. I met Heather at the 2016 Snap! conference and we later had a Skype chat about best practices for growing, maintaining, and monetizing your email list.

Heather Solos.
Heather Solos.

About Heather Solos and Feedblitz

Heather Solos started blogging in 2004 and became a professional blogger in 2006. She joined FeedBlitz, an RSS and email marketing company, in 2012 where she built the customer service team. She’s now a director at Feedblitz and swims in a sea of email, marketing, and best practices. When she comes up for air, she works for Home-Ec101.com, a site that earned her the blogger dream, a book deal in 2011.

Heather is raising four kids, a dog, and a hedgehog with her fiancé in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. She runs on spite, caffeine, and wine and recently picked up a crochet hook in an attempt to resist checking her phone in the evenings. She now has more washcloths than dishes.

About the interview

In this episode, I talk to Heather about her own experiences with email lists as a blogger and what she has seen through her work at Feedblitz. (If you’re new to the topic of email marketing, you may want to list to Episode 55: Email Marketing 101: Or, Why and How to Set Up an Email List for Your Creative Business.)

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Ways to monetize your email list through advertising, sponsorships, digital or physical product sales, and bundles/special offers for subscribers.
  • The email open rate companies will be looking for before sponsoring a list.
  • When to consider opt-in freebies to grow your list.
  • When it’s ok to use a more “salesy” approach to your list.
  • Content ideas for autoresponders.
  • How to approach an email list if you don’t have your own website but operate out of a marketplace like Craftsy, Etsy, or Ravelry.
  • How to find out the deliverability rate of your email list.
  • What to avoid in your subject line, format, and email text to stay out of spam filters and when to use different email formats.
  • List hygiene and maintenance.
  • Tips for sending emails more regularly.

Listen to the podcast for more from Heather about best practices in email marketing for creative businesses. I also share my experience using with the Feedblitz “test drive” and the service.

Some announcements

  • Feedblitz is offering a “blogger bundle” to listeners! Email support@feedblitz.com and mention that you heard Heather on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show. You’ll get 4 ebooks on making the most out of your email list (no matter what email service you use) and a “test drive” of Feedblitz for free.
  • I’ll be speaking at BlogHer’16 (August 4-6, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA). If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet up! You can register for BlogHer’16 with a 30% discount using this friends and family code.
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Comments 1

  • I don’t have a newsletter yet. I need to get a po box first. In regards to auto responders, I can say that it does make sense to have them. I have signed up to several subscriptions with opt-ins such as courses/ebooks/webinars, and have gotten emails a day later or so from the same subscriptions but with different content. Now thinking about it, I know that these are auto responders. The content is valuable content and not just for content’s sake. Some of them have been a bit too much in quantity but it’s definitely there in my mind. It’s like that saying goes “out of sight, out of mind” and you definitely don’t want that as a business.

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