Episode 68: Getting Started with Video and Growing Your YouTube Channel with Jennifer Dickerson from Fiber Flux

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Jennifer Dickerson is the crochet and knitting designer, blogger, author, and YouTuber behind Fiber Flux. I had the chance to chat with Jennifer about how she got started with video and grew her YouTube channel to over 125,000 followers in less than two years. In this interview, she shares her practical tips for working with video, building a YouTube channel, time management, working for free, and monetizing your blog and videos.

Getting Started with Video and Growing Your YouTube Channel with Jennifer Dickerson from Fiber Flux on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show podcast

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About Jennifer Dickerson

Jennifer Dickerson from Fiber Flux.

Jennifer Dickerson is the crochet and knitting designer, blogger, and YouTuber behind Fiber Flux. In addition to her blog, she launched the Fiber Flux YouTube channel about two years ago and has grown to 125,626 followers as of this writing. Jennifer is the author of Mini Flower Loom Crafts and has another book forthcoming. You can also follow Jennifer on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Ravelry | Twitter

About the interview

In this episode, I interview Jennifer about getting started with video and growing a YouTube channel, but we also chatted about other aspects of her creative business.

Some of the topics we discussed about video included:

  • Jennifer’s practical tips for getting started in video.
    • Start by recording your back catalog so you don’t have deadline pressure.
    • Use simple tools. Her recommendations are to use artificial lighting from a kit with a “natural light” bulb, a camera that has both automatic and manual options (should you decide to experiment with settings), and a tripod. She uses the YouTube Editor to edit her videos within the interface.
    • Remember that you don’t need to film in sequence. Jennifer credits Celina Lane from Simply Collectible Crochet for reminding her that she can film the process in any order and then edit later.
    • Focus on transitions. You don’t necessarily need to film an entire process, but remember to share a transition before moving on to the next step (e.g., “Continue to repeat this step until the end of the row and I’ll meet you there.”)
  • Jennifer’s suggestions for growing your YouTube channel.
    • Use the Creator Academy, YouTube’s free resource for creators.
    • Release videos on a consistent schedule so your audience returns to your channel often.
    • Start each video quickly with a strong opening and link between videos on your channel to encourage viewer retention.
    • Make the opening of your channel an “event.”
    • Remember to promote the channel itself, not just embedded videos on your other online properties.
    • Ask viewers to subscribe.
    • Remember that your YouTube followers may be different than your audience on other platforms.

We also talked about other aspects of Jennifer’s business, including how Jennifer…

  • Monetizes her blog and channel,
  • Approaches her editorial calendar and time management, especially when working on larger projects (like a book),
  • Decides if and when to work for free,
  • Has become a published author, along with suggestions for other aspiring authors.

Listen to the podcast for more discussion from me and Jennifer.

Some announcements

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Comments 5

  • What a great interview! It’s always refreshing to hear tips in real time and these are really good and encouraging. Perfect timing as I start my own channel- late in the game, but better late than never.
    Thank you for reminding me of my own tip, too. Isn’t it amazing how we can know something, but not recall the practice until we hear it from someone else.
    Also, Jennifer, you confirmed my thought of working through my archives. Excellent points.
    Thanks again to both of you! Great to hear your voices.

    • Thanks, Celina! It is true that we sometimes forget to take our own advice. I’m glad Jennifer’s interview was as inspiring to you as it was for me!

  • Jennifer has some very appealing qualities that, I think, helped her become a reference in video tutorials.
    She has a very soothing and calm voice, she’s patient, she takes the time to explain, to show where to put your darn hook when you make a special stitch and she makes everything looks so easy, it’s encouraging.
    I learned crocheting with her. And she has a lot of easy patterns using all kinds of yarn so we don’t get bored even if we are beginners.
    Thank you Jennifer for your patience and your generosity! xox

  • This was a very helpful interview for me, as I was strongly considering making my first-ever YouTube video tutorial. The concepts presented here helped push me across the line into actually doing it. See my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YymhE-Dcv8I&t=5s

    Jennifer said, “Just do it.” So, I did and it turns out it was easier than I had imagined.

    Jennifer gave me confidence that I don’t need to worry about putting out a “perfect” video. I appreciated her invitation to the listeners to go look at some of her earlier videos to see what she meant by that. I have watched a lot of her videos and they all look good to me.

    She is right, though, that often times we hold ourselves back from doing something, because we worry it won’t be perfect. Instead, she encouraged the listeners to get in there and do it. A lot of learning comes with the actual doing of it.

    Thanks to Marie and to Jennifer for a wonderful show!

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