Episode 69: Staying Inspired, Being Authentic, and Learning to Say No with Dedri Uys from LookAtWhatIMade

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Dedri Uys is the crochet designer, blogger, author, and teacher behind LookAtWhatIMade. I spent some time talking to Dedri and she was incredibly open and generous in sharing how she is able to work a full time job, be a devoted wife and mother, and still find energy and inspiration for her crochet business.

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About Dedri Uys


Dedri Uys is the crochet blogger, designer and teacher behind LookAtWhatIMade.  She is best known as the designer of Sophie’s Universe, a stunning continuous square crochet blanket pattern available as a free, 18-part crochet-a-long. She is the author of Amamani Puzzle Balls and the coordinator/author of Big Hook Rag Crochet. Dedri is also a Scheepjes blogger and recently returned from her native South Africa, where she taught several crochet classes as part of a tour organized by BeInspired.Love. Dedri “believes that crochet is more than just a craft. It is a lifesaving panacea, a necessary creative outlet, a calming tool and a rewarding passion.”

Dedri lives in London with her husband, 3 sons, and a cat. Four days a week, she’s a radiotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital. You can also follow Dedri on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Ravelry | Twitter

About the Episode


In this episode, I chat with Dedri about her business and we cover many topics including:

  • How she started, grew, and diversified her business.
  • The benefits and challenges of growing organically, including how she manages looking back on past projects that may not be “perfect.”
  • How teaching keeps her energized, even though she was initially nervous about it.
  • Working full time in addition to being a crochet designer, and her suggestions for time management, involving others in your business, organization, and caring for your loved ones.
  • Building the self-confidence to learn to say no to new opportunities to avoid burnout, stay inspired, and find more time for family, inspired by the C.J. Langenhoven’s quote, “Yes is like credit. No is like cash.”
  • Learning to be vulnerable and the difference between guilt and shame from Brené Brown. Dedri especially recommends this interview with Brené on Chase Jarvis Live: Authenticity and Bravery in a Digital World.


Dedri also closes the show with 3 things she wishes she knew when she started her business. Listen to the podcast for more discussion from me and Dedri.

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Comments 4

  • […] can find the interview (and the show notes for the interview) HERE.  I particularly suggest listening to the linked interview with Brené Brown!  It has made such […]

  • I am a Sophie’s Universe adorer and listening to Dedri talk about her life was really wonderful. I think she has inspired many crocheters with Sophie and indeed it has become a Universe of its own, a place where chocheters can do things they never thought possible, thanks Dedri and thanks to creative yarn. Having a craft inspire and unite people from all over the world is is special in this day and age. Thanks.

  • I really enjoyed how Uys said “does it really need to be bigger?” So often we want to grow in size and sometimes we can grow in other ways.

    What a great interview!

  • I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I have been following Dedri on her blog and appreciate how she freely shares her patterns, tutorials, etc. For someone who is very new to crocheting and don’t have a lot of disposable income, her patterns allow me to make beautiful things. Her energy and authenticity comes through her blog and one doesn’t feel as though she is only doing this to earn money but rather she really wants you to help you. Saying “No” is something tough to say to people because of all the things she shared. We all need to slow down. To make efforts to live our best selves because life is too short. Thanks for this wonderful interview. It is very affirming. Love Dedri and her sharing spirit.

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