Episode 71: Managing Subscriptions, Diversifying Your Income, and Growing Your Business at the Right Pace with Stacey Trock from FreshStitches

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Stacey Trock is the owner of FreshStitches. After a technical failure during our interview at The National NeedleArts Association summer show in June, we talked over Skype about the success of her kit club and why she is switching to digital subscriptions. We also discussed how and why she’s diversified her income and her perspective on pacing her business growth, customer service, social media, and more.

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About Stacey Trock


Stacey Trock, the owner of FreshStitches, recently relocated to Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Stacey started her business in 2008 selling crochet amigurumi patterns as PDFs and has since expanded her business and diversified her income.
You can find Stacey on FreshStitches and follow her on EtsyFacebook, Instagram (as @staceytrock and @amiclub), Pinterest, RavelryTwitter, and YouTube.
Managing Subscriptions, Diversifying Your Income, and Growing Your Business at the Right Pace with Stacey Trock from FreshStitches on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show podcast

About the Episode

This episode was inspired by a question Delisa Carnegie, the yarn dyer behind Apocalypse Friday, asked in the Creative Yarn Entrepreneurs Facebook group. Delisa wanted to hear from someone who had a subscription club, and since Stacey’s club was the most successful one I knew about, I reached out to her. (Since the original request for an interview in the spring, Stacey has actually ended her kit club. You can read more about that and watch the video where she explains this to her audience here. Her new digital Ami Club is opening soon.)

Stacey shared her perspectives on several important business topics in this interview, including:

  • How and why she diversified her business from exclusively selling PDF amigurumi patterns in 2008 to starting an educational blog, selling individual kits, a her kit club (which has now transformed into the digital Ami Club), selling craft eyes and other supplies, writing books, teaching, and launching a yarn line;
  • Managing a club, starting with understanding your customers, determining your price (and cost), deciding between prepaid and month-to-month subscriptions, being strategic about supply orders, technology for managing payments, inventory, packaging, shipping, and more;
  • Her DIY approach to running her business, how she thinks about scaling, and deciding when and if to bring in contractors and employees to help;
  • Her business philosophy, including her focus on flexibility, customer service, time management, organization, and social media; and
  • Mindset, including speaking your business fantasies into reality.

Stacey also answers questions from Delisa at Apocalypse Friday, Angie Doherty at Hooked by Angel, Carmen Nuland at A Simple Homestead, Angela Plunkett at Little Monkeys Design, and Anita Bose Natarajan from NitaB&NishaN.

Listen to the podcast for more discussion from me and Stacey.

Helpful resources

Stacey mentions the benefits of TNNA membership in the interview. You may want to listen to Episode 61: The National NeedleArts Association Membership and Trade Show for Newbies with Beth Whiteside for more details.

Stacey talks about diversifying her income a lot in this interview. You may want to listen to Episode 56: 6 Income Streams for Yarn-Related Businesses for more details.

Stacey uses Endicia for postage. You can learn more here.

Some announcements

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  • Hi! I have listened to all of your episodes and found each very informative! I have a notebook of notes from the shows; they have proved quite helpful. I see, however, that the last episode was released in November of last year, and the last comment by you was also posted on November 22, 2016. I am curious about the duration of your hiatus; when will I be able to enjoy a fresh episode? I hope you are well, and that you have been doing lots of fascinating and creative things. All the best!

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