Make Money Teaching Crochet Virtual Tour Wrap Up/Question and Answer Session

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I answer questions about teaching crafts and self-publishing as I wrap up the virtual tour for my new book, Make Money Teaching Crochet.

Make Money Teaching Crochet Virtual Tour Wrap Up with Question and Answer Session on the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur podcastAbout this episode

In this episode, I share the edited audio of a Facebook Live event I hosted earlier in the week where I answered questions from listeners about teaching crafts and self-publishing. Thanks to Rosalba Bassora, Novella Bobo from MadebyNovella, Patrice Walker from Yarn Over, Pull Through, Rachel McKinney from 100 Creations, and MG Camacho from Booktalk ‘n More for sharing questions beforehand!

I reference a lot of different resources, which you can learn more about by following these links:

  • Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructors Program: This certification program is a requirement if you want to teach crochet or knitting at a “big box” store. In the book, I talk about other reasons you may want to consider getting certification, or why it may not be necessary for your specific teaching business.
  • Scrivener: This is the software I used to convert my book to .mobi files for Kindle and .epub files for Kobo. I also used it to organize writing the book because there is a great “corkboard” feature where you can organize what looks like little index cards for notes on your book. Scrivener has a 30 day free trial, but the days aren’t consecutive. You only “use up” your free trial on days when you open the software.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing: I used KDP to self-publish my Kindle book and CreateSpace (also owned by Amazon) to self-publish my print-on-demand book. I used the formatted template for the size of my book (all trim sizes are available for free here) to lay out the print version in Microsoft Word.
  • Kobo Writing Life: I used this to self-publish the .epub version of the book.
  • Canva: I used Canva to create the cover for the ebook using the pre-sized template, my own selections of fonts, and a photo.
  • Fiverr: Bdboss is the Fiverr seller who transformed my ebook cover into a cover for the print book to meet CreateSpace requirements.
  • Gumroad: This is where I sell the direct downloads of my ebook. It also has a great affiliate program that is super easy to set up.
  • Power Purls Podcast: You can hear my interview with Kara Gott Warner from the Power Purls Podcast here and find her interview with me on her show here.
  • AdriPrints Fonts: Adriana Hernandez sells affordable crochet and knitting stitch symbol fonts. You can find out more in my interview with her on podcast here.

Buy the book!

Make Money Teaching Crochet: Launch Your Business, Increase Your Side Income, Reach More Students by Marie Segares | This practical, hands-on guide will get you ready to start teaching crochet for the first time, or inspire you to expand your existing crochet teaching business so you can make more money. Start by setting your teaching goals using guiding questions. Then, learn how to put the right structures in place for your business so you can reach those goals. The book covers business basics like determining what types of payments to accept, setting up cancellation policies, and more. Inside, you’ll find proven marketing strategies and tactics to help you reach the right students and price your classes correctly. Finally, you’ll get organized by developing course descriptions, lesson plans, and packing lists for your classes. The resources section shares free and low-cost resources to help you expand your business, stay on top of the latest trends in crochet, network with other teachers, promote your classes, and more. While there is plenty of useful information in the book for crocheters who are considering teaching as a hobby, or those who want to teach other crafts for profit, the focus is on developing a sustainable part-time business teaching crochet. If you love crochet and are ready to use your passion to earn side income or to supplement your full time crochet business, Make Money Teaching Crochet is the book for you! The Ultimate Printable Edition includes 15 worksheets and 5 customizable forms for your teaching business. Buy it at can get Make Money Teaching Crochet in the following places:

More details about the book are available here.

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