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Episode 71: Managing Subscriptions, Diversifying Your Income, and Growing Your Business at the Right Pace with Stacey Trock from FreshStitches

Sharing is caring! emailFacebookLinkedinPinterestTwitter Listen to the episode in the player, download the episode here, or subscribe on Google Play Music, iTunes, Stitcher, or TuneIn.  Stacey Trock is the owner of FreshStitches. After a technical failure during our interview at The National NeedleArts Association summer show in June, we talked over Skype about the success of her kit …

Episode 21: 10 Habits for Successfully “Owning” (or Working) from Home

Happy New Year! In response to feedback from the listener survey I shared with the email list, I’m sharing 10 habits for successfully ‘owning’ from home. I’ve been a full-time solopreneur for about 15 months, and I had to learn some new habits and modify others. Owning a home-based business has some interesting challenges and isn’t quite the same as working from home.

The habits I rely upon for maintaining focus and staying productive are:

Shower and dress
Prioritize weekly (or more frequently)
Establish work areas for different tasks
Structure the schedule
Minimize distractions
Find and use appropriate audio and visual aides
Stay hydrated
Eat regularly
Schedule time with peers
Don’t forget to take days off
You can find more details in the show notes for this episode at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/21.

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