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Episode 53: What To Do When You’re Not Feeling Inspired for Your Creative Business

Sharing is caring! emailFacebookLinkedinPinterestTwitter Listen to the episode in the player, download the episode here, or subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or TuneIn. As creative business owners, we thrive on feeling inspired. But what about those days when you just aren’t feeling inspired or creative? I share 5 things that I do when I’m not feeling …

Episode 11: Thank You Card Challenge

In this episode I announce a challenge, and invite you to join me!
This challenge is all about gratitude and reflection. Many yarn industry indies are solopreneurs. Running a small business by yourself can be an isolating experience, and oftentimes, you can feel like you are doing it alone. Creating a list of at least 20 people (or companies) to thank for supporting your business allows you to express gratitude while also developing ties with your network and reminding you of the resources you have available.
I want to acknowledge at least 20 individuals or businesses who have supported my business in 2014 by the end of the year. Will you join me?
The Thank You Card Challenge
1) Choose 20 individuals or companies to thank
2) Collect (snail) mailing addresses
3) Find/create cards
4) Write personalized notes
5) Mail the cards
I also added a bonus step: Consider including a freebie! You can find the complete episode shownotes with more details at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/11.
Will you be joining in on the thank you card challenge? What other ways do you share your gratitude with those who support your business? Leave a comment at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/11, Tweet me at @cyeshow, or leave a message at 646-713-8973.
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