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Make Money Teaching Crochet (and Other Crafts)

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Episode 16: Turning Your Passion Into Your Business in 2015 with Carlota Zimmerman, the Creativity Yenta

This week, I hosted a live Google+ Hangout with Carlota Zimmerman, the Creativity Yenta. We talk about starting off 2015 with goals, habits, and structures to support your business, and answer questions form the audience about social media, productivity and time management, and professional development. You can find show notes for today’s episode at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/16.

We plan to host another live Hangout in January, 2015. We’d love to hear your feedback and questions. Leave a comment on the show notes, Tweet me at @cyeshow, or leave a message at 646-713-8973.

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Episode 10: Time Management Tips: An Interview with Lindsey Stephens from Poetry in Yarn

In today’s episode, we talk all about time management. As creative business owners, we all struggle with time. Many of us “juggle a lot of balls” by balancing multiple revenue streams and roles in our business.

My guest on this episode is Lindsey Stephens, the owner of Poetry in Yarn. Lindsey juggles her roles as a crochet designer, tech editor, crochet and knitting teacher, and web designer for Poetry in Yarn with her part-time job as a math teacher at a Yeshiva elementary and middle school in Connecticut, and her responsibilities as a mother and a wife.

Lindsey’s Tips for Time Management
Know how much time you have
Know what you need to accomplish
Know how much time each task takes
Work with your habits, not against them
Delegate (or partner) to get some of the work done by others

You can read the complete show notes at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/10.

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