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Episode 42: Crochet & Knitting Design & Self-Publishing Mini Series 7: Promoting Your Pattern

Sharing is caring! emailFacebookLinkedinPinterestTwitter This Week’s Episode I’m wrapping up the Crochet & Knitting Design & Self-Publishing Mini Series by talking about promoting your pattern after release. So far in this series, we’ve talked about… Planning Your Pattern, Drafting Your Pattern, Polishing Your Pattern, Photographing Your Pattern, Pricing Your Pattern, and Publishing Your Pattern. Today, I’m wrapping up …

Episode 12: Indie Design Gift-a-Long 2014! An interview with Nina Machlin Dayton, Simone Kereit, Lindsay Lewchuk, and Alex Tinsley

In this episode, I interview the organizers of the Indie Design Gift-a-Long, the second annual end-of-year extravaganza on Ravelry showcasing indie knitting and crochet designers. My guests are four talented knitting designers – Nina Dayton Machlin, Simone Kereit, Lindsay Lewchuk, and Alex Tinsley – who are organizing the Gift-a-Long (GAL). We talk about all the details and how you can get involved – as a designer, as another yarn industry indie, and as a crocheter or knitter! You can find more details in today’s show notes at http://creativeyarnentrepreneur.com/12.

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